Monday, 20 March 2017

Intel proved for resolve McAfee technical issue for Attackers to deactivate Antivirus Security in computer

McAfee Tech Support
As we know day by day attackers are increasing in digital world and new malware are finding day by day that’s allowed to attackers for block or deactivate security in the computer. So here is very mandatory to know about how McAfee antivirus could have been deactivated in the computer through some easy steps that’s allowing attackers to install malware/virus program on the computer.

This kind of problem persists in a characteristic that was additional to the McAfee Virus Scan engine to keep safe it from local Windows admin users that might fortuitously alter its normal mode of operation.

McAfee's admin password can avoid by hackers and deactivate the McAfee antivirus
By uses password that Windows admin users must provide in order to stop the McAfee Virus Scan protection engine.

Expert researchers discovered that this module was not correctly implemented and allowed hackers to avoid the admin password.

This technical fault point. "No checks point by the McAfee engine, so attackers can send request to McAfee engine to stop without analyze the right running password."

Hackers develop program tool for automatically alters the needed registry values in the system, and further they can disable the antivirus protection without entering the password.

Ultimately after analyze & research Intel discovered this threat of this attack & resolve all the issues in the latest release.

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